A radiation detector left on the 19,423-foot-tall (5,920 meters) peak picked up the extreme spike in UV -B radiation during the Southern Hemisphere summer. You can safely stay outside using minimal sun protection. The media usually present a forecast of the maximum UV level for the following day.

How can the UV index help me to protect myself? Thus UV radiation levels vary with time of day and time of year.

Daily mean and maximum uv indices

Maximum uv index

Outside the tropics, the highest levels occur when the sun is at its maximum elevation, at around. Note: The recommendations apply for the daily maximum level of the UV Index when skies are cloudless. Ugrás a(z) UV Index részhez – When the forecast UV Index is ≥3, sun protection is required. Australia has the highest incidence.

The daily UV index forecast is a prediction of the maximum UV strength for the day, which is usually reached in the early afternoon. The forecast for the daily maximum UV index is valid for cloudless conditions. Only thick clouds attenuate the UV radiation considerably.

Blazing world record: strongest uv rays measured in south

Maximum uv index

Get the UV forecast index for Hamilton, ON, CA. After several years, they took the highest UV intensity from a hot summer day in July as UV index 10—the maximum intensity at the time. The mean (average) UVI level includes cloud cover, while the peak ( maximum ) UV levels represent cloud-free conditions. The figure above shows the expected maximum UV index for clear sky at Uccle for the next 10 days. Through a collaboration with the Danish Meteorological. Sun protection is recommended when UV. JB Liley – ‎ Idézetek száma: 51 – ‎ Kapcsolódó cikkek Average Maximum UV Index for Thornton, Colorado.

Tárolt változat Oldal lefordítása Average Maximum UV Index. It goes down in the fall and is the lowest in the winter. Latitude: UV radiation is strongest at the equator and. If you must be out in the sun, especially between 11am and 3pm when the UV index levels are highest, the following simple protective measures can help to. Fair skinned people however, may burn in less than 20 minutes. Graphic – UV Index levels: 1 to 2 = Low, 3 to 5 = Levels of UV radiation vary throughout the day.

Highest readings occur in the four-hour period. The larger the number, the more intense the UV.

Uv index now forecast & sun tracker

Maximum uv index

The UV Index is a measure of the intensity of UV radiation. In New Zealand, its maximum summer value is. UV Index (7 a.m. to 6 p.m.), Daily maximum UV Index (15- minute average).

In May, the average daily maximum UV index is 7. The daily variation has maximum values in spring and summer days, while. At the high and mid latitudes the UV Index is greatest when the sun is highest in the. Track the UV Index around the globe, stay sunburn free and have a safe time outdoors with accurate 6 hour UV.