Mercedes Distronic Plus Mások ezeket a kérdéseket is felteszik What does adaptive cruise control do? It applies moderate brakes and warning signals when a driver is getting to close to another car. The adaptive cruise control (ACC) helps to adapt the speed in heavy traffic to the flow to keep a safe distance to the preceding vehicle.

It maintains a set speed, like a conventional cruise control system, but it also adjusts the. Adaptive cruise control layers convenience onto non-adaptive systems, which can maintain a desired speed on the highway.

Adaptive cruise control driver-assistance tech explained

Adaptive cruise control

This new technology, called adaptive cruise control, uses forward-looking radar, installed behind the grill of a vehicle, to detect the speed and distance of the. A related feature to forward collision avoidance is adaptive cruise control, which is typically marketed as a. Hasonló Oldal lefordítása  3:21 How adaptive cruise control works. Advanced versions can even slow and stop your.

Active cruise control, automatic. The cruise control speed is automatically adapted in order to maintain a driver- selected gap between the vehicle and vehicles detected ahead while the driver.

What is adaptive cruise control?

Adaptive cruise control

An adaptive cruise control provides a more relaxing driving experience on long journeys on motorways and long straight main roads in smooth traffic flows. Cars with adaptive cruise control can automatically accelerate and brake to maintain a safe distance behind the car in front. When the path is clear, they continue.

It has been 15 years since the first generation of adaptive cruise control (ACC)- equipped vehicles was available on the market and 7 years since the ISO. First it will slow your vehicle to adapt to current traffic conditions and maintain that pre-set distance between you and the vehicle in front. Background: Surging acceptance of adaptive cruise control (ACC) across the globe is further. This system regulates the speed of your Panamera fully independently in line with the speed of the vehicle in front. If the built-in RADAR sensor detects a. Cruise Control is great when you leave the city limits.

That distance, which is set by the driver as a number of car lengths, is measured. The system offers relief to drivers in this way – especially on long trips. Briefly explained in the MAN glossary – find out more! It does not replace Conventional Cruise. Weather can be an issue, since ice.

This thesis investigates several aspects.

Adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go

Adaptive cruise control

Tárolt változat Oldal lefordítása Cruise control that can adapt automatically. Cruising on the open highway has never been easier! With adaptive cruise control you feel more relaxed, even in heavy traffic. The system uses a special radar sensor to measure the distance to the vehicle ahead. On a closed Ford test track, 36 drivers simulated normal highway traffic using adaptive cruise control, which can automatically slow down and speed up to keep. In this article, we focus on the adaptive cruise control (ACC) technology that allows a vehicle to automatically adjust its speed to maintain a preset distance from. It looks out for you while sensing.

The ACC system behaves as a conventional cruise control system in an open lane condition. When approaching a slower vehicle in. Learn more about the feature and visit your Honda Ann Arbor dealer.

An automatic distance control system that regulates the speed and the distance from the vehicle ahead. Auto in Saukville, WI near Port Washington and West Bend.